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  • Session times

    Unfortunately and beyond our control Barr Beacon will not be opening on Sundays from September 1st 2013. So the following changes to session times have been proposed to accommodate Sunday swimmers : THURSDAY – BARR BEACON LEISURE CENTRE Beginners        6.00 – 6.30pm Juniors            6.30 – 7.30pm Senior              7.30 – 9.00pm   SUNDAY – WALSALL CAMPUS Beginners       […]


  • Club championships 2013

    The 2013 Club championships will be held on Sunday 13th October at Cheslyn Hay Leisure Centre , Saredon Road , Cheslyn Hay . 1.00pm warm up . Everyone welcome !! This is a great opportunity for all swimmers with awards or certificates for all those taking part. There is also an opportunity to sponsor an […]


  • Diddy League

    DIDDY LEAGUE ROUND 3 RESULTS Well done to all swimmers who took part in the gala. click here  


  • WFSC Christmas County Qualifier 2012

    WFSC Christmas County Qualifier 2012 Results Jake Birmingham [ws_table id=”27″] Harriet Shepherd [ws_table id=”28″] Andrew Dalzell [ws_table id=”29″] Jack Stevens [ws_table id=”30″] Alice Shepherd [ws_table id=”31″] Sophie Payne [ws_table id=”32″] Ben Davies [ws_table id=”33″] Amy Perfit [ws_table id=”34″] Ewan Dalzell [ws_table id=”35″] Megan Butler [ws_table id=”36″] Ethan Plant [ws_table id=”37″] Robyn Meredith [ws_table id=”38″] Tanel […]


  • Latest Results: Cannock

    10th Cannock Phoenix Open Meet 2012 Results Megan Butler [ws_table id=”12″] Jake Birmingham [ws_table id=”13″] Ewan Dalzell [ws_table id=”14″] Andrew Dalzell [ws_table id=”15″] Jonathan Hunt [ws_table id=”16″] Adam James [ws_table id=”17″] Robyn Meredith [ws_table id=”18″] Sophie Payne [ws_table id=”19″] Amy Perfit [ws_table id=”20″] Ethan Plant [ws_table id=”21″] Matthew Plant [ws_table id=”22″] Alice Shepherd [ws_table id=”23″] […]