The Beginner Swimmer

For the beginner usually aged between 4 years and 7 years. We hold several sessions a week both at Barr Beacon Community Centre and Walsall Campus of the University of Wolverhampton. At a very early age, children are expected to become familiar with water and to feel at ease in their surroundings. No more than half an hour is needed and very young children cannot be expected to co-ordinate proper swimming skills, so play is the theme at first. When they are ready (this depends on the individual, some take time, some adapt more quickly) the first stages of learning swimming skills begins. From then on, as ability increases, more teaching is applied and we can then accommodate children who wish to take more than one lesson a week.

The Junior Swimmer

For the junior swimmer (usually aged between 7 years – 10 years) children make the transition from widths to lengths gradually by attending one of their sessions in lengths at first. Again as ability increases a child can quite easily adapt to more junior sessions. The focus is on teaching and implementing correct skills in all sessions. Providing regular training is maintained children should be competitive swimmers by the age of 9- 10 years.

The club provides ample water time for junior coaching, a maximum of 5 sessions per week are available. All staff are ASA qualified and are always on hand to give advice that might be needed.

The Senior Swimmer

For the senior swimmers (aged 11 years upwards) first class facilities are provided. A season’s training begins in September and is aimed at County success and Midland and National qualifying times.